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Use Reputation Management.

When you are on social media for personal use, almost anything goes, right? Not necessarily…You may be in your own private world with friends, but you must adhere to a certain standard of professionalism. There are people viewing both your personal and business persona, and the lines are sometimes blurred, depending on what you post about, whether it be imagery, political or religious views, etc., of the way the two facets of you are perceived. Always think about what you post online, and who you are going to offend, alienate and how your opinion or public image will be perceived. People talk, take screen shots and share things, and by the time you find out who your friends really are, your professional image is tarnished.

Know Your Market.

When you post on social media for your business, always do some research about who you are marketing to and where they are on social media.  Research demographics- from the main gender of the industry you are looking to market too, purchasing behavior, income levels, etc. (and you WILL have to do some research) There is a good article on targeted marketing here,  You need to  deduce your research to get the facts of what social media platform your target uses, and also the types of messages you should be saying to them. You can’t sell to everyone. And, you certainly can’t sell to everyone with the same messaging, which brings me to the next topic…..

Tailor Your Messaging.

You are not going to speak to a grandma the same way you are going to speak to someone that is in their twenties. Start making your posts in a language with segments of your target market in mind. Act like a human being, not a bot.

Use keywording- words in your message enough to where your message can be searchable in a topic. Also use hashtagging- which are search words that people would be searching that are relevant to your topic. Be visual, too. Use relevant photos, and make videos.

You ever have that one friend that is always trying to get you to buy from their multi-level marketing company? Whether it be cosmetics or vitamins, you see them coming and you just want to hide. Every single discussion turns to how you can benefit from what they are selling…Now think about this….You could now end up being that friend. Are you getting online and posting what it is you have for sale, what is on sale, what they can do with your product? Well sure, you have a business. You want people to buy from you. Think about social media being like hosting a dinner party. You have guests and you want them to be entertained. You want them to want to be there. Say something delightful. Post about your knowledge. Post about something happening in your office. Show off your office cat or dog. Do something besides post every single thing you have for sale. It gets old really fast.  And always end your posts with a call to action. Ask them for a follow on social media….. like this…..

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