About us


The (NAMSCP) was established in 2020 as a non-profit organization under the name “The National Association of Mobile Specimen Collection Professionals, Inc.” Since 2020, the (NAMSCP) is growing financially, programmatically, and increasing the visibility and credibility of Phlebotomists and Medical Assistants within the healthcare community at both national and state levels of government, and with consumers around the United States of America.


The mission of the (NAMSCP) is to not only promote and maintain high healthcare standards when it comes to specimen collections. We hold all of our members to this standard and we know that with the utmost professionalism, capable phlebotomists, we can achieve and maintain this mission.

Patient and ragiologist looking through x-ray images of joints
Patient and doctor looking at knee x-ray result in clinical office


The vision of the (NAMSCP) is to give all of our patients access to not only the highest quality in-home specimen collection service, but also the provide the experience they deserve. All our phlebotomists and medical assistants are always committed and devoted to providing high-quality service.  It is integral to the healthcare community WE are founded upon.


The (NAMSCP’s) values are simple: Provide excellent service to the public with respect for the worth and dignity of our patients, respect pluralism, and diversity of opinion and contribution, be flexible in adapting to change, pursue continuous learning and growth, and do our best to benefit members of our community and our society. These are the values we expect all members of the (NAMSCP) to exhibit.

Blonde female doctor holding x-ray image

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